Data Center Power Monitoring

Data Center Power Monitoring & Temperature Monitoring

Electronic Environment’s utilizes a simple Data Center Power Monitoring device and software for power and temperature monitoring.  This solution provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to capture detailed data center power monitoring information for both single-site and large multi-facility operations. You’ll be able to gain insight into what is driving growth in energy consumption by viewing usage based many criteria such as application, end customer, circuit, power phase, etc.. You’ll also be able to view data center hot spots and see power usage mapped across a facility in real time. Alerts can be set based on your power or temperature triggers.

Data Center Temperature Monitoring & Power Monitoring Made Easy Packet Power data center temperature monitoring & power monitoring

The power monitoring solution installs without electricians or the need to remove existing equipment. All monitoring devices utilize a self-configuring wireless network to communicate instantly with each other, keeping the need for IP addresses to just two per site. You can use the software itself or integrate the power and temperature data into your existing operations management system. Using this approach, you can start small and grow over time.

This monitoring solution:

  • Seamlessly integrates data center power monitoring hardware, wireless network, data analysis and reporting
  • Wireless monitoring devices
    • Smart power cables incorporate precise data center temperature monitoring and data center power monitoring into a power cord format. Available in 10 amp to 100 amp sizes certified for use in Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and S. Africa
    • The environmental monitors provide an easy-to-install wireless monitoring solution for capturing detailed temperature and relative humidity data
  • Uses a secure 900-Mhz wireless mesh network optimized for the challenging wireless conditions found in data centers
  • Application software includes:
    • A data hub that connects the wireless monitoring devices to your existing application via SNMP.
    • Utilizes a cloud-computing infrastructure that minimizes on-site IT resource requirements and provides access to data via web portals, reports or other applications.

  • Deploy quickly and at a fraction of the cost of smart PDUs or branch circuit monitoring
  • Extend the useful life of power-constrained data centers
  • Quantify energy efficiency savings
  • Correctly allocate energy costs
  • Avoid power and temperature-related outages


  • Map facility heat and power usage in real time
  • Monitor power at any combination of device and circuit level for thousands of devices in multiple facilities
  • Measure temperature at multiple points per cabinet and accurately track relative humidity
  • Export data via SNMP or use our applications

Interested in learning more about our Data Center Temperature Monitoring & Power Monitoring Solution, contact us to talk with one of our data center experts – email: or call 800.342.5332.


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